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Meet Glenda Acevedo

Your “DOC”umentologist

To guarantee long-term success, you need more than just the right people and process. It is essential to establish and document systems. 

Are you exhausted trying to get your employees to do business your way? 

Are you tired of working in your business seven days a week?

Are you tired of retraining employees over and over again? 

There is a better way, and I can help you run your business as efficiently as you originally envisioned! 

Bring efficiency , profitability, and scalability to your business through your systems driven blueprint. 

Let Glenda guide you in uncovering a business with freedom, consistency, and repeatability. 

Invite Glenda to speak at your next meeting!


Certified Documentologist Glenda Acevedo shares the strategies necessary to ensure your critical systems are documented, organized, and followed. Learn how to maximize system performance so the business is efficient, profitable, and scalable. Examine a blueprint for a systems-driven culture that encourages commitment and support from your team. Recognize the traps that cause documentation processes to fail and learn how to avoid them. 

Glenda is a high-energy, passionate speaker who knows how to draw the audience in with her stories, humor, and clear ideas.  She’s a great choice when you want to inspire your audience to action!

Katherine Eitel-Belt, Owner of LionSpeak, The Unscripted Communication Expert, International Keynote Speaker, Author, and Coach

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