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"Overview of Our Services and Expertise"

Documentology supports dental practices, Dental Service Organizations, dental practice transitions, coaches, and businesses in the dental community. Our goal is to help you optimize and streamline your business operations.

By utilizing our Documentology systemization process, you can experience numerous benefits, including increased productivity, reduced errors, and improved profits. In addition, this process provides your team with the training and resources needed to consistently execute repeatable and proven methods, contributing to the overall success of your business.

Our approach to systemization begins by helping you identify the most impactful processes through a priority assessment and data collection process. We then create a detailed blueprint and assist in implementing and archiving the SOPs in system management software. Additionally, we educate you on using project management software to enhance your SOP systems.

The result is a system-driven business model, freeing you from daily operations, allowing employees to take a break, and providing a secure way to protect your business knowledge and assets. So say goodbye to the risk of losing valuable information when a team member resigns by switching to a systemized approach today.


Unresolved Business Challenges?


"Unresolved Business Challenges in the Absence of Systemization"

  • Needs to be more efficient in processes leading to delays and wasted resources.

  • Difficulty in scaling the business due to lack of standardization.

  • Lack of consistency in quality and customer service.

  • High employee turnover due to lack of clear expectations and training.

  • Difficulty in measuring and improving performance due to lack of data and metrics.

  • Difficulty in identifying and addressing bottlenecks in the business.

  • Difficulty in holding employees accountable for their performance.

  • Difficulty in training new employees and getting them up to speed quickly.

  • Difficulty in maintaining and improving the systems.

  • Difficulty in making data-driven decisions due to lack of information.

  • Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and different businesses may experience different pain points depending on their specific needs and challenges.

  • However, these are some of the most common difficulties that organizations face when they have yet to systemize their processes and onboarding fully.



Tackling Disorganization?

"Tackling Disorganization: Streamlining Your Business for Optimal Efficiency" 

Ready to streamline your business operations? The Documentologist, Glenda, is a highly qualified Certified Systems Management Consultant with a proven track record of organizing and optimizing critical systems for businesses of all sizes.

With a focus on consistent employee training, Glenda delivers instruction through a combination of engaging videos and comprehensive text-based materials. The platform is designed for ease of use. It allows for the seamless integration of various types of content, such as PDFs, videos, and more, to ensure a comprehensive learning experience for your team.

Say goodbye to the chaos and take your business to the next level with Glenda's expert systemization services.

The Full Story

... About Me

Transform your business culture and optimize performance with the expertise of Documentologist, Glenda Acevedo. As a Certified Systems Management Consultant, Glenda is equipped to guide professionals in streamlining their operations through efficient and well-documented business systems.

By embracing a culture-driven approach, you can reap the benefits of increased productivity, enhanced business value, and the freedom to focus on strategic initiatives. Glenda's expertise in systems management, combined with her extensive experience in employee training, program design and implementation, and customer education, makes her a valuable asset to businesses seeking growth and success.

Her contributions to the industry through podcasts and thought leadership articles make her a prominent figure in the business community. Her expertise in various systems and project management platforms ensures that businesses receive comprehensive support in documenting their proven processes, reducing errors, and creating opportunities to scale profits. With nearly three decades of experience in a Fortune 500 company, Glenda is a seasoned professional in nurturing partnerships, expanding networks, and driving buying decisions.

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Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations globally to achieve sustainable growth through seamless integration of people, processes, and performance excellence.



Our Vision is to empower individuals and organizations worldwide to reach their full potential by fostering a culture of growth and development through efficient and effective training programs. We aim to simplify the training process, enhance employee confidence, and positively impact businesses, families, and communities through streamlined, systematized cost-effective solutions.

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Our Core Virtues guide us in upholding our commitment to spirituality, honesty, bravery, empathy, giving, ethics, justice, self-discipline, inclusiveness, and equilibrium.

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