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DOCumentology's Process Triage Mastery Day: The Million-Dollar Blueprint

Discover unparalleled operational excellence and strategic growth for your large-scale dental or medical practice, guided by the expert ProcessTriage® facilitation of Glenda Acevedo.

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Elevate Your Large-Scale Dental or Medical Practice with Proven Process Triage Techniques
In the competitive landscape of healthcare and dental services, where the efficiency of large-scale operations directly correlates to patient satisfaction and profitability, the introduction of The Million-Dollar Blueprint marks a pivotal transformation. Spearheaded by Glenda Acevedo, an accredited ProcessTriage® Facilitator, this exclusive workshop is meticulously designed for Dental Service Organizations (DSO) and medical companies navigating the complexities of multi-team processes, especially those in the realm of Fortune 500® caliber operations.
​Why The Million Dollar Day Workshop Is Unparalleled

Crafted for the Titans of Healthcare: Targeting $5 Million to $10 Billion Enterprises

  • TARGETED SOLUTIONS FOR COMPLEX OPERATIONS: Recognizing the unique challenges faced by large DSOs and medical companies, this workshop zeroes in on centralized operations like the lead-to-cash process, involving multiple teams and intricate workflows.

  • PROCESS TRIAGE EXPERTISE: Led by Glenda Acevedo, a seasoned ProcessTriage® Facilitator, the workshop leverages the Process Triage methodology to diagnose, design, and refine operational workflows. This approach ensures that your organization identifies and implements the most impactful improvements swiftly and efficiently.

  • ONE DAY TO REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR PRACTICE: Commit just one day to our intensive workshop and unlock a strategic pathway to not just immediate enhancements but also a 90-day roadmap for sustained operational excellence.

Experience Unmatched Clarity and Improvement
  • SEE YOUR BUSINESS IN A NEW LIGHT: Through the lens of Process Triage, discover inefficiencies and bottlenecks that once seemed insurmountable. Our one-day workshop provides you with a clear, actionable plan, transforming these challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

  • ARRIVE WITH PROBLEMS, LEAVE WITH SOLUTIONS: Our focused, hands-on approach ensures you leave with not just theoretical insights but practical strategies tailored to the scale and complexity of your operations.

  • EXCLUSIVITY AND COLLABORATION: Limited to key stakeholders and process experts within your organization, our workshop fosters an environment of collaboration and targeted problem-solving, paving the way for transformative outcomes.

Why It Works
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Join Us for The Process Triage Mastery Day

Transform the future of your dental or medical practice with Glenda Acevedo and the DOCumentology team. Our exclusive workshop is your gateway to operational excellence, strategic growth, and a sustainable competitive edge in the healthcare industry.

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