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More Time, More Focus, More Peace of Mind


Presented by Glenda Acevedo 
"The "DOC"umentologist"


Boasting almost thirty years of experience, Glenda has excelled in cultivating partnerships, expanding network connections, influencing purchasing decisions, designing and implementing programs, training employees, and educating customers at a Fortune 500 company.

Basics Workshop

Coming Soon! 


In this workshop, we will cover...

Join us for an empowering Asana Workshop and unlock the full potential of this powerful project management tool!

In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to effectively organize, track, and collaborate on tasks and projects using Asana. From creating clear project plans to optimizing task management and enhancing team communication, this workshop will equip you with the essential skills to streamline your work processes and achieve greater productivity.


Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your work productivity and efficiency! Reserve your spot today for the Asana Workshop. 


Ignite Your Business Through Culture and Systems:

People. Process. Proficiency.

To guarantee long-term success, you need more than just the right people and processes. To ensure that your company remains successful over time, it is essential to establish and document systems that are regularly updated. If you’re like most professionals, you love the idea of documenting your business systems but aren’t sure where to start or how to create an actionable plan.  

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